The Anonymous

The Anonymous

Often, stories about abuses and discriminations based on gender are not told, not because the victims do not want to tell their stories but for lack of freely accessible platform to do that anonymously. For psychological, safety and many other reasons many victims would like to tell their stories to the world anonymously. African Gender Tacker and Research Center guarantees anonymity and free platform to let such stories out with further help availed the victims, if need be.  

Note: Your story is a datapoint for AGTRC to expose the trends of gender injustice to prevent such from happening again.  

The Anonymous

Anonymous Story


The night is dark today. The sky is a shade the color of coal as no stars are out and the moon prefers to hide beneath the cover of ashen clouds. With the wind biting the skin and pinching the eyes, you can tell it will rain tonight. But you never can tell in this part of the world. Nothing ever ...

I was Abused as a Child

Ok um...I don't know how to start this but I guess I have to start from somewhere. I met Kennedy for the first time when I was around 8 or 9 years old. We had just moved to Port Harcourt to get away from the growing Boko Haram insurgence. My dad was a pastor so he had...

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